LEED Project Specialist

Modern techniques like lean supply chain management, business and supply chain analytics are other key tools to develop a state of the art supply chain management strategy.
All above being important, we firmly believe that all good supply chain management comes from starting with how you best serve the customers and then develop the strategies to support this in the best and most efficient way.
This position will be responsible for managing the LEED process from registration through certification.
Perform/support the completion of LEED documentation and calculations and coordinate with consultants and the client.
Effectively communicate LEED requirements to the design team, contractor, and client and track progress to certification goal through design and construction.
Assist teams in incorporating LEED requirements into specifications and drawings.
Conduct LEED meetings with design team, contractor and client.
Providing technical consulting on overlapping green building ordinances/codes.
Field questions from potential clients, both residential and commercial.
Write proposals, follow-up on proposals and signed contracts.
Facilitate LEED preliminary rating meetings.
Review plans and specs at various stages throughout the design process.
Track construction progress and review meeting minutes.
Research and disseminate LEED program updates.
Coordinate with LEED Green Raters.
Help to review documentation submitted by design/construction teams.
Interact with USGBC inquiries, data collection, and reporting as needed.
Other tasks, as needed Qualifications:
The ideal candidate will have a passion for green building issues and a comprehensive understanding of green building strategies, systems, and materials and be both willing and eager to help project teams towards selecting appropriate green building strategies and performance goals.
Candidates should have at minimum:
Experience managing the LEED certification process for projects.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent research and problem solving skills.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint .
Additional experience and technical knowledge of interest:
Graphic representation skills.
Research background in sustainable materials, green building systems, energy efficiency etc.
Renewable energy technology sizing and analysis.
Lighting design experience.
Life cycle analysis.
Energy Modeling.
Facility management.
Full-timeFacts matter.
Facts stay facts when they are collected from the root source and are reviewed through highly experienced eyes .
With the right expertise and tools, fact-based decision making can improve efficiency, drive profitability and growth.

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